Business Developer at Data Analysis Center
Seismic data analysis
March 2023 - May 2023
Over a period of three months working on a limited-time project, I have successfully fulfilled a range of responsibilities that have contributed to business growth and technological advancements. Key aspects of my role include:
  1. Business Partnerships: Taking charge of managing European outreach initiatives and establishing fruitful business partnerships to drive expansion and collaboration within the industry.
  2. Workshop Leadership: Led a workshop at the EAGE Digital conference, where I showcased and presented a cutting-edge 3D Subsurface Visualization Tool developed by the company. This involved effectively demonstrating the tool's capabilities and potential applications to industry professionals.
  3. Presentation on Fault Detection: Delivered a presentation at the same conference, highlighting recent company achievements in fault detection techniques. This involved sharing insights, methodologies, and advancements in fault detection within the Oil & Gas sector.
  4. ML Approaches and Algorithms: Immersed in the Oil & Gas industry, I focused on leveraging ML approaches and algorithms for processing and interpretation stages. Developed a deep understanding of ML algorithms specifically tailored for detecting surfaces and faults in the context of seismic data analysis.
  5. Real-Time 3D Seismic AI System: Utilized a real-time 3D Seismic AI system to work with seismic data, contributing to data processing, analysis, and interpretation efforts.
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